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Purchasing and Inventory Controls


          We have talked about using locks to protect our investment. Well, our inventory is just that, an investment.  Simply put, our inventory is money on the shelf. As the Chef of an operation, it is your responsibility to properly manage, use and account for that investment.  It is also your responsibility to maximize and utilize the product in a manner that will provide the greatest return on investment. Everything product that is purchased and brought in our back doors, must go out with a profit in order for the operation to be successful. 
      Poorly managed; a great deal of our investment and profits can be lost due to poor purchasing and handling.  Too much inventory on-hand can lead to overproduction, spoilage, waste and even theft.  Too little inventory on-hand can cause missed sales opportunities and disgruntled guests due to not having the product when needed

 The process of purchasing to prevent over-ordering or under ordering takes experience, but can also be calculated by using simple math.
     We will discuss inventory as several different topics: Purchasing Inventory, Controlling Inventory and the process of Counting & Calculating Inventory for the purpose of calculating period Food Cost percentage. 

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