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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Though this website is related to the hospitality and culinary industries, the last thing the Internet needs is one more website to tell you how to cook or to show you what a great cook I am. This is not one of those websites. No recipes, no cooking tips, just information to help you get better at running your business.

This website started, not because I needed something else to do, but because over the past several years I realized the lack of attention given to the actual “business” portion of the business by Chefs and Cooks alike. While I understand that the creative portion of the business attracts customers and sells the food, but it’s the lack of understanding or complete neglect of the business portion that undermines your hard work.

Being a creative Chef is an art and is something to be proud of. That’s what we strive to achieve. But being an active part of the business’s solutions is more important than ever. Competition is fierce out there, and creativity might get you in the door, but if you can’t manage an operation you’ll most likely be short-lived.

It’s time Chefs and Cooks treat their career like the business that it is

We’ll explore several areas of the business. Some will be common knowledge, but hopefully, you’ll find the information helpful. Please share the website and the information with your staff and help them to grow and develop. If you have questions or comments or maybe looking for information on a specific topic, please send a note through the contact page.

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