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Inventory Count Sheets

Your inventory count sheets are a list of products that you have purchased and should reflect what you have on-hand.  Count sheets need to be setup in the exact order that the products appear on the shelves in your storerooms and refrigeration and need to read like a book.  Starting on the first shelf and working your way through from the top to the bottom of the shelves and from left to right. This is called “Shelf to Sheet.” Products are arranged in the same order on the shelves as they are on the inventory count sheets.  


As products are replaced with other brands or products or as products are removed from inventory because they will no longer be used, it is important to remove those products from the sheets. It is important to keep the inventory sheets from becoming cluttered with a bunch of products that are no longer in inventory.  

Like your storerooms and refrigerators, it is just as important to keep your inventory count sheets organized and clutter-free.

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