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Robert F. Floccari 

Master of Business Administration
Western Governors University

Bachelor's of Science - Business & Marketing

University of Phoenix

Associate's Degree  - Culinary Arts
Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts

​Member of the American Culinary Federation
Served as Board of Director, Vice President and Secretary for ACF Pittsburgh Chapter

Food Service Director Magazine - Director of the Month February 2015

     There is no denying that I love food.  I remember as a child standing on a chair in the kitchen helping my mother cook and remember her telling me, “I’m going to send you to school to be a chef.” I also remember replying, “Mom, cooking is for girls.”  Now, many years later, my love for food hasn't changed.  

      For more than 30 years I have dedicated my life to my love of food; first as a cook to an Executive Chef to a Director leading a team and as a District Manager overseeing multiple units and operations. I believe it's important to share your knowledge and experience with others to help make them better at what we do, Food and Service.


  Through my years as a cook and then a Chef, I quickly learned the importance of understanding the numbers of our business, particularly Food Cost and pricing menus.

   I began focusing on the numbers as much as I did the food, realizing that great food was only part of what is required in running a successful operation. What I have also learned over the years, is that the numbers of our business are what Cooks and Chefs focus on the least, which is such a critical mistake.  

     This project started because a newly hired Sous Chef had asked if I would help them understand the business side of the operation better.

     As I began writing and making notes, I thought it might be a good training tool for others who also wanted to increase their understanding of the number portion of the business. 

     I began creating 1-2 page topics that I could share with the team and the information quickly accumulated.

     The information presented on the website is available to hopefully assist and provide useful tools to help others improve their knowledge of managing their business.  


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